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High output ultrasonic sound
Trains dogs up to 50 ft. away
Brilliant LED flashlight
Loud, pulsating safety alarm
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  • Oh, Behave

    All dogs are good, but they are even better when trained.

    Your dog wants to be good, they just don't always know how. Unwanted behaviors can be frustrating and even embarrassing. The best way to stop bad behaviors is to train your dog. You might say “easier said than done,” but OnGuard handheld dog trainer makes it easy. It lets you give your dog instant feedback, right when the bad behavior occurs. This gives you control of the situation so you can train, treat and repeat your way to a better relationship with your four-legged friend.

    A small, brown and white dog dog jumping on a someone's leg.

    OnGuard is great for training your dog any place, any time.

    Ultrasonic Sound

    OnGuard emits a high-pitched tone specifically targeted for a dog's hearing range. Most humans can't even hear it. Don't worry though — there's an indicator light that shows you its working. Use the ultrasonic function to deter your dog from unwanted behaviors like barking or jumping on the furniture.

    Safety Alarm

    Quickly draw attention to your location by activating the loud, pulsating panic alarm. The optional safety alarm can be clicked on (and stay on) if needed in an emergency situation


    OnGuard's high-powered LED light can be used like a traditional flashlight, or to help get the attention of an extra stubborn dog (as demonstrated in the video).

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    Made by dog owners, for dog owners.

    We love what we do, and it’s been our goal for over a decade — to help you have the best possible relationship with your dog. We want to provide you with the most innovative, humane and effective training tools you won’t find anywhere else.

    Train. Treat. Repeat.

    Bring it with you anywhere you take your dog. Toss it in your bag, backpack, purse or pocket. OnGuard dog trainer is always ready to help, at home or on the go.

    Buy your OnGuard Now

    Or call: 1-800-657-8214

    Designed in Oregon, USA by Good Life®

  • Ultrasonic output:

    • Sound travels up to 50 feet
    • +105db at 1 meter

    Light output:

    4,800 lux at 1 foot

    Audible alarm output:

    +105 db at 1 meter

    Battery type:

    4 “AA” batteries (not included)


    ;5.9 inches long, by 2.3 inches high, by 1.8 inches wide


    • 3.9oz without batteries
    • 7.4oz with batteries

    Other points of interest:

    • Dual rubber coating
    • Lanyard attachment included


    OnGuard™ instruction manual [PDF 545KB]

  • Ultrasonic handheld trainer comparison

      OnGuard™ Dazer Dog-Off Pro Handheld Sunbeam Sonic Egg PetSafe Remote Trainer
      OnGuard™ Dazer Dog-Off Pro Handheld Sunbeam Sonic Egg PetSafe Remote Trainer
    Ultrasonic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Indicator Light Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Sound Distance 50 Feet 20 Feet 30 Feet 15 Feet 30 Feet
    Personal Safety Alarm Yes No Yes No No
    Indoor Use Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Outdoor Use Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Flash­light Yes No No No No
    Lanyard Yes No No Yes No
    Water Resistant Yes No No Yes No
    Unit Dimensions (inches) 5.9 × 2.3 × 1.8 4.5 × 2.2 × 1.2 3.75 × 2.5 × 1.25 -N/A 6 × 2.5 × 7.8
    Unit Weight 0.25 lbs 0.35 lbs 0.17 lbs 0.03 lbs 0.42 lbs

  • OnGuard training tips: barking at the front door

    You're familiar with the scene… Someone knocks at the door or rings the bell and your dog goes berserk. Frustrated you speed to the door, rehearsing your apology for whoever is on the other side.

    With your OnGuard in hand, try this instead.

    1. As soon as your dog barks, calmly stand up and walk to the door. Never yell at your dog for barking, it will increase his energy level and make the problem worse.
    2. Step in front of the dog, positioning your body between him and the door.
    3. Point your OnGuard at the dog then press and hold the ultrasonic button.
    4. Take a step towards the dog, essentially using your body to push him back from the door.
       For extra stubborn dogs you can activate the strobe light feature in addition to the ultrasonic sound.
    5. Once the dog has backed away from the door, let go of the sound & light buttons. Allow him to calm down for a moment and then open the door.
    6. Remember to reinforce your dog's good behavior, as soon as they do what you want. Give him a small treat / verbal praise / pet them to let them know you're happy with their good behavior. Keep your OnGuard close by so that when training opportunities come, you'll be ready.


    Results are unlikely to be immediate. Training steps should be repeated as often as necessary to teach your dog when his behavior is not acceptable — but he should also be praised for his good behavior.

  • What is ultrasonic sound?

    Ultrasonic sound is above the hearing range of humans, but is attention grabbing and irritating to dogs. This makes safe and effective tool for dog training. It quickly takes your dog's focus off of barking and towards the high-pitched sound.

    Will OnGuard work on dogs in other rooms or on the other side of a fence?

    Ultrasonic sound cannot travel through solid objects like walls or solid fences. Make sure OnGuard is in clear line of sight of the dog you wish to train or deter.

    Will this hurt the dog?

    No. Although the ultrasonic sound emitted by OnGuard is a great tool for training, it is physically harmless to dogs.

    Can I use this to train my puppy?

    Due to the powerful nature of this product, we do not recommend it for use on puppies under 6 months old as they are still developing their hearing.

    What's the blue light on top for?

    The blue LED light on top of the unit indicates the ultrasonic button has been pressed and ultrasonic sound is being emitted.

    What is the range?

    The ultrasonic frequencies can be heard by dogs up to 50 feet away.

  • OnGuard™ in action

    This video demonstrates the steps mentioned in the "How to" section.

    Battery installation

    See a brief demonstration on the proper installation of batteries.

    Output test

    You likely cannot hear the ultrasonic sound, so how do you know your OnGuard is working? If you want a definitive answer, use the process shown in this video.