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Dog Silencer Reviews

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"Barking has decreased 99%"

Bluetick hound

"I would just like to say that we received our Dog Silencer a few days ago and could not be happier!

We live right next door to two very loud barking Chihuahua mixes that were driving us to almost put our house on the market and move. Since we plugged the Dog Silencer in, we can sit on our patio in peace, enjoy dinner with the door open, not worry about barking all hours of the night. This started working almost immediately, and, within 2 days, the barking has decreased 99%.

I can't say enough about how this product has improved our quality of life!

In addition, we have a Bluetick hound that is not a barker. We were worried about her becoming afraid of the outdoors and the ultrasonic noise, but she hasn't even flinched.

We're happy, the dog is happy, and for the neighbors . . . well, they probably haven't even noticed."

- Carley W.,  Clinton Township, MI


"Our two dogs have not barked in over 4 days"

Lynne's Dogs

"We are thrilled! Not three hours after plugging in the latest Dog Silencer (not Pro), our two dogs have not barked in over 4 days. It is beyond amazing!

Even with their friendly squirrel, who runs around the trees and fence taunting them, they hold their bark. They chase, but they do not bark.

I have never written a review before, but I felt compelled for this excellent and mind-boggling product! I called all my friends with dogs and let them know about this great product."

- Lynne D., Venice, CA


"It didn't work...and the whole time I have received excellent customer service"

"Thank you for your wonderful customer service. I had ordered a product from a competitor of yours which did not work, and as of today, I still have not received a refund.

In the mean time I have ordered a product from you; it didn't work for the means I needed; I returned it... got my credit, and ordered a different product which at this point seems to be doing the trick. And the whole time I have received excellent customer service. So the short of it... THANK YOU!"

- Kelli M., California


"I can't believe how well this works!"


"Our Podengo always used to bark at squirrels and birds who dare to land on and near the house. Since the Dog Silencer was installed, he has not barked outside once! In fact, it seems to stop him even before he barks.

A miracle. I'm recommending it to all my dog-owning friends!"

- Anita D., United Kingdom


"The Dog Silencer is great"

Dog Silencer installed in planter box

"The Dog Silencer is great. You have the option to counteract the barking dog with two sounds at the same time: one audible and the other inaudible to humans. To protect it from the rain, I recommend buying a deep planter box and tilt to protect from the wind."

- Robert A., Richmond, TX


"Worthy of serious consideration"

Valli Aman, Dog Trainer

"I have 3 Terrier mixes in my own home, well trained and basically polite until it was time for barking, so did my own research and decided to try the Dog Silencer on my dogs. 

Four weeks into the plugging in of this compact unit, in a window sill that faces the squirrel laden trees in my backyard, there is quiet, not only with my 3 dogs but also adjacent properties: the house on each side of me and the one behind. 

It became so quiet after the initial 3 days of using the unit, that I thought I'd unplug it but I did not. My 3 dogs still "alert bark" when there's someone right at my door so I feel safe and this is a good "distraction based" solution. 

I am very pleased to recommend the unit to all my clients in my very busy dog training, walking, boarding and services business. The Dog Silencer is worthy of serious consideration."

- Valli Aman, Oh My Dog Dog & Puppy Training, N. Hollywood, CA


"The Dog Silencer MAX saved my sanity"

"I purchased the Dog Silencer MAX in Oct 2016. My neighbor has 5 hounds that were barking non-stop.

The Dog Silencer worked immediately. The dogs immediately stopped barking about 70% less. It took about month to curb the remaining 30% of their barking.

The Dog Silencer MAX saved my sanity. I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. I highly recommend the Dog Silencer MAX."

- Daniel D., Fresno, CA


Dog Silencer Featured on KXXV Channel 25

Originally aired on KXXV Channel 25 in Waco, TX, this tells the story of a local resident's challenges with the constant barking of her neighbor's dog. Dog Silencer discussion starts at the 2:21 mark.

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