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Dog Silencer® MAX

40% LOUDER than the already powerful, market-leading Dog Silencer®!

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The Dog Silencer Max saved my sanity. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.
Superior features
75ft bark detection range
300ft sound distance
Remote control
Weather resistant
Humane and shock free
Highly Rated! Read Reviews
  • Humanely stop your dog or the neighbor's dog from barking

    Get your peace and quiet back with our most popular and powerful bark control solution to date.  Proudly designed by our team of experts here in Medford, Oregon, the Dog Silencer MAX works by emitting ultrasonic sound in response to barking while reaching dogs up to 6× farther than the competition. 

    The competition

    Detects barking up to 50 feet away.

    The Dog Silencer MAX

    Detects barking 75 feet away.

    Sound reaches up to 300 feet away

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    Exclusive features

    The Dog Silencer MAX is the world's first indoor AND outdoor bark control device and the first anti-bark unit to work via AC or with 6 “AA” batteries so you have extra portability.

    Our exclusive High Pressure Transducer carries sound farther than any other anti-bark unit on the market so even the most strong-willed dog can't feign deafness. We include fold out feet so you can stand the Dog Silencer MAX on any surface and mounting holes on the back of the unit so you can hang it anywhere. Add our Wall Mount with Pan & Tilt for a perfect fit every time on fences, decks, trees, walls and posts.

    Remote control

    Your Dog Silencer MAX package includes a tiny key chain remote control. If Rover is outside the Dog Silencer MAX's 75-foot sound sensor range, you can manually trigger the device with the simple press of a button. The remote control can be used inside your home, your car, or even in your pocket.

    Buy a Dog Silencer MAX Now

    Or call: 1-800-657-8214

    Live a bark-free life

    Aren't you ready to finally enjoy the comfort of your own home again? What are you waiting for? 

    Our small but passionate team of bark control experts - all based in the US - are ready to answer any question you have and guide you through every step of the process.

    Help us spread the word!

    While you are here, please take just 2 minutes and text or email our website ( ) to your family and friends who have dogs, so they too will know there's a safe and humane way to stop dog barking and to train their dogs. Many of your family and friends may use shock collars — please let everyone know there's a safe and humane alternative!

    Buy a Dog Silencer MAX Now

    Or call: 1-800-657-8214

    Designed in Oregon, USA by Good Life®

  • Detects barking:

    Up to 75 feet

    Stops barking:

    Up to 300 feet

    Remote control range:

    Up to 75 feet

    Weather resistant:

    IPX4 Rated

    Installation options:

    • Mounting holes (back of unit)
    • Mounting feet (bottom of unit)
    • Mounting bracket (optional accessory)

    Power options:

    • AC adapter (included)
    • 6 “AA” batteries (not included)

    Power consumption:

    • 1.6 watts (Ultrasonic / inaudible)
    • 1.8 watts (Audible)


    5.25 inches high, by 4.25 inches wide, by 1.8 inches deep


    1 pounds (2 pounds with AC Adapter)


    • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Instruction manual:

    Dog Silencer Manual [PDF 559KB]

  • What is the range / coverage area?

    The sound emitted from the Dog Silencer MAX expands in a “cone” shape totaling about 130 degrees or up to 65 degrees on either side. This tone will be most powerful and have the best training results if the unit is pointed directly at the dog you wish to train. The ultrasonic tones will travel up to 300 feet in front of the unit. This range is up to 6× farther than the competition!

    Does it have to be on all the time?

    For best results, the unit needs to be “on” and in use near the dog at all times. This unit is a training device, so the dog needs to hear this activate every time he barks. The unit will go into “stand by” mode when it doesn't detect barking. During this standby time no power is being used, but the unit must stay “on.”

    How long before I should expect results?

    While many customers see the effects of the Dog Silencer MAX within a few days, this unit is a training device and will depend on how quickly the dog associates the sound with his barking. We strongly recommend you give the unit two to three weeks to see full results.

    If within the first few days you notice your dog barking at the unit or barking more than usual, this is part of the learning process in which the dog associates its bark with the sounds emitting from the Dog Silencer MAX.

    How does this actually work?

    This powerful training system is based on Pavlov's Dog Study. This study showed that dogs can learn to associate a sound with something else (for example, a bell with dinner time). The Dog Silencer MAX trains the targeted dog to associate an annoying sound with their barking. This causes the dog to not bark unless needed to avoid hearing the unpleasant noise.

    Will it hurt or harm the dog in any way?

    The Dog Silencer MAX uses a high-pitched ultrasound that is designed to “irritate” the dog. It is not designed to cause pain or harm to their ears (we compare it to someone dragging their fingernails on a blackboard). We do not recommend using the Dog Silencer MAX with puppies under one year of age as they are still developing their hearing. Please consult your veterinarian before using this product with puppies.

    The sound from the Dog Silencer MAX, although irritating, is not designed to hinder 100% of your dog's barking. If your dog “needs” to bark, he can. The Dog Silencer MAX will not train the dog to stop barking out of instinct (at an intruder for example).

    Should I use batteries or electricity? How long does the battery last?

    You can use batteries or electricity — it's your choice. For the base price, you get the Dog Silencer MAX and its convenient remote control. If you chose this base option, you will run the unit on six “AA” batteries. For a limited time we are including a 5-foot AC adapter. Do not use aftermarket AC adapters ( those not purchased from Good Life® ) with the Dog Silencer MAX. This will void your warranty.

    Battery life varies on the dog's barking habits since the device only turns on when the dog barks. When first using the Dog Silencer MAX, the dog will bark as usual since it has yet to associate it's barking with the sound frequencies. At first, the batteries may only last about a week. As the dog becomes trained and barks less, the batteries can last anywhere from 2–4 weeks. In addition, battery life will depend on the weather, the quality of the battery, and how often the unit is being activated. You may use rechargeable “AA” batteries if you wish.

    How does the remote control work?

    Even though the Dog Silencer MAX can “hear” barking up to 75 feet away, the sound emitted from the unit can travel up to 300 feet in a clear, straight path. If the dog is 100 feet away, for example, his barking alone probably won't activate the unit. But, pressing the remote control will activate the Dog Silencer MAX manually and the dog will still be able to hear the corrective sound.

    In addition, you can turn the Dog Silencer MAX microphone sensitivity all the way down and activate your Dog Silencer MAX using only the remote control. Not only does this allow you to train dogs over 75 feet away, but you can customize your own dog's training. This could include staying off furniture, away from the trash and anything else you want to teach your dog to do. The key chain remote works up to 200 feet away from the main unit.

    How does this work with electronic / invisible fence systems?

    We do not recommend using sound-based bark control devices with invisible or electric fences. Here's why:

    Invisible / electronic fence systems use a very similar high-pitched tone to “warn” the dog when he gets too close to the boundary of his yard. If he goes any further after hearing this tone, his collar emits a shock. Since the Dog Silencer MAX (and all of our sound-based products) uses a very similar tone, this can confuse the dog. Since he has already associated this tone with his property boundaries, he cannot associate it with his barking. The same problem can occur if you try to use a “shocking” bark collar on your dog with an invisible-fence system. If the dog becomes confused between the two systems, this can make the barking worse. If you are using an invisible fence system, we recommend using a different stimulus to stop barking, such as a citrus-spray or vibrating collar. This way the dog will learn different outcomes for the two different behaviors (boundaries versus barking).

    Will this work though fences, walls, windows, or bushes?

    The high-pitched ultrasound emitted by the Dog Silencer MAX will not penetrate any solid objects such as wood fences, windows, walls or thick shrubbery. Sparse trees, window screens, chain link and wrought-iron fences should be okay. Please see our video “Getting the Best Results” with your Dog Silencer MAX.

    Can I use the Dog Silencer MAX with a puppy?

    We do not recommend using the Dog Silencer MAX on puppies under one year of age. Please consult your veterinarian.

    Will this work for whining or howling?

    If the Dog Silencer MAX is close to the dog, you may be able to adjust the microphone sensitivity higher to pick up howling or even whining. If this doesn't work, you might consider our BarkWise™ no-shock training collar for your dog. Also keep in mind that a dog might be howling or whining for reasons such as discomfort, fear or anxiety. These issues should be discussed with a veterinarian instead of “punished” with any bark control system.

    Will this bother my other pets?

    Cats and dogs have very similar hearing ranges, so if your cat is near the unit when it's activated, yes, it will probably bother the cat. But, the sound from the Dog Silencer MAX does not go through walls or around corners. For example, if the Dog Silencer MAX is located in the back yard, and your cat is in the front yard or even in the house, the sound should not bother him at all. If the Dog Silencer MAX is being used indoors, you'll want to keep cats and / or rodent pets out of the area where that is being used.

    Is the “High / Low” dial for volume?

    The high-low dial on the side of the unit adjusts the microphone sensitivity. This is not a volume setting. You may adjust the sensitivity of the bark sensor between High ( if the dog is far away ) and Low ( if the dog is near the unit, or if the unit is being used indoors ). We recommend you start with the unit on low and then increase the sensitivity as needed. There is no volume change necessary on the Dog Silencer MAX, as the ultrasonic frequencies can travel up to 300 feet in a clear, unobstructed path.

    What is “Audio” mode?

    When using “Audio” mode, you will hear the Dog Silencer MAX activate. It's recommended you use this mode when adjusting the bark sensitivity when first setting up the unit. In addition, you can use the audio mode for older dogs or dogs with poor hearing as an alternative to the ultrasonic sound training.