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"Very happy with the results"

"Vibration unit arrived yesterday, all OK. Fitted unit to our 5 month old pup today. Have had no barking since fitting the Barkwise Vibration and am very happy with the results."

- Ray M., Victoria, Australia


"Best Investment I Made This Year"

"I am so happy with my BarkWise Complete collar. My dog was barking endlessly during the day and this collar has completely stopped the barking. I am so happy.

This was the best investment I made this year. Thank you!"

- Lauren W., Hamburg, NH


"Did not 'do the trick' for my dog"

"I thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service. Everyone I spoke with and dealt with could not have been more helpful and patient. 

I really felt badly that the unit did not "do the trick" for my dog, who is a pup. I would definitely recommend your company and your product to friends and colleagues."

- Francine S., Kapaa, HI


"Within less than a day the barking was GONE!"

"Our house recently sold before we had found one to move into, so we found ourselves renting an apartment. Within a day or two we began to fear eviction. Our dogs are barkers. 

We have a Toy Poodle and a Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. We were very, very stressed. I found Good Life's website but was skeptical the collar would actually work, so I went with a spray collar at a local pet store. It didn't work at all, and we were more frustrated than ever. The dogs had always barked at everything; now they were barking at every sound in the early morning and late at night with our neighbors only a wall away!

I really doubted the BarkWise Complete collar would work, but I bought two of them. What I am about to say next I am NOT KIDDING!  Within an hour they were almost totally trained and within less than a day the barking was GONE! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS PRODUCT WORKS AND IT ISN'T ADVERTISED IN EVERY PET STORE!!!

I didn't want to use a shock collar because I've always had a fear in addition to being painful, I might be absent and the shock feature might malfunction and keep shocking them over and over. But with the BarkWise Complete Collar, I have no fear. This has been the ideal solution for our fur babies."

- Tara L., Springfield, MO


"Peace and tranquility at last"

"I have a very strong-willed German Shepherd. Has taken a week for him to catch on. Seems to be working at last. Neighbors are no longer yelling at us over the fence.

Have spent close to a thousand dollars on devices and trainers. BarkWise is the only thing that has worked. Fingers crossed it lasts. 

Thank you. Peace and tranquility at last."

- Susan E., Australia


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