Our Mission

Good Life exists to create unique and innovative products. Our team is constantly testing new ideas and solutions for the everyday needs of you and your family. We are passionate about bringing you and your pet closer together, and it shows in each and every product we design for you.

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Dog Silencer

Get your peace and quiet back

Humanely Stops Dog Barking Up To
200 Feet Away.

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BarkWise Controls

The No-Shock Collar

Humane Training Collar Combines Ultrasonic Sound, Vibration, and Remote.

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Meet Our Pets

Introducing our furry family members, our product gurus, and daily ambassadors of joy.

Pet Name: Kodiak

Description: Our mascot, a Klee Kai (similar to a mini husky).

Role: The boss, "El Hefe", Top Dog

Pet Name: Duke & Dutchess

Description: Two cuddling gray kitties.

Role: The Hug Patrol

Pet Name: Teeg

Description: Orange long haired cat stretching.

Role: All fur and eyeballs

Pet Name: Sophie

Description: Smiling boxer.

Role: Chief Begging Officer and
·Marketing Maven

Pet Name: Sadie

Description: Black and white long haired dog smiling.

Role: Lover of Ducks the Oregon Ducks and pork chops. Also a frisbee apprentice

Pet Name: Kona

Description: Tan chihuahua.

Quote: I'm all ears...

Pet Name: Logan

Description: Black and brown German Shepherd.

Role: Lover of running & bacon

Pet Name: Bella

Description: Brown pug.

Quote: I’m only a little naughty...

Pet Name: Brownie

Description: Brown Yorkie.

Quote: All about the belly rubs, nuff said.

Pet Name: Paisley

Description: Gray and brown Hamster munching.

Role: Ambassador of Cute

Pet Name: Spunk

Description: Black Maine Coon (cat) lying in sink.

Quote: I'm a punk.

Pet Name: Raina

Description: Brindle boxer.

Quote: FRISBEE?!